Sprinter Van Valeo Windshield Wiper Blade – 800228


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Valeo Windshield Wiper Blade – Part Number 800228

Which side of the car is this supposed to be on?

The wiper is meant for the passenger side window in the front of the vehicle.

This might be a stupid question but am I buying a new wiper blade or a used one?

You are purchasing a new wiper blade.

How many wiper blades am I purchasing?

You are purchasing one wiper blade if you decide to get this product.

Am I going to have to jimmy this thing around to get it to fit?

No. It should fit perfectly on the vehicle.

What are the dimensions of the wiper blade? I’d like to make sure that I’m getting the right one and dimensions are hard to fudge.

The dimensions of the wiper blade are 4.548″ x 22″ x 2.738″ or, at least, that is the dimensions we were told by the manufacturer.

Ok, but how much does this thing weigh?

One of these wiper blades weighs .6 lbs.

Any idea how you will ship this item out of your store?

It is highly likely this will leave a USPS first class shipment. It may not ship that way depending on other factors like if you ordered other products with it or you request a faster shipping method. However, all things being equal, you will likely get it through the regular mail system.

What series is the 800228?

The manufacturer calls this the 800 series.

What is the UPC code?


Does it come in a cardboard box?

We have not had one of these in the store yet but the manufacturer tells us that it does.

What is the blade of the 800228 Valeo windshield made of?

It is made of rubber.

What kind of connector type does it have?

It has a hook slot 9×3/9×4 connector.

Does it have all the hardware I need in order to install it?

Yes. It includes all the hardware you need. You should not need anything else to install this item.

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