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Power Heater Mirror Right W/ Turn Signal Lamp

What is this product anyway?

It is a right passenger side mirror.

What vehicles does this thing fit?

We were told it will fit the following vehicles: Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Dodge Sprinter, and Freightliner Sprinter.

Where are these parts made anyway?

They were made in Germany out of high-quality materials with the expected level of precision based on German production standards.

Wait, if it is a quality product then I can reasonably expect this thing to have a warranty then… Right?

Yes. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty for this part.

You never said what specific years this part or mirror fits. Do you have information on that?

Yes. Here are the specific years and vehicles this mirror will fit:




Volkswagen Crafter 2006 – 2019

My windows always freeze and I have an extremely hard time getting them defrosted in time for me to work. Do these mirrors have something that will allow me to get my windows defrosted in a more timely manner?

Yes. The windows are heated which means that they should melt ice better than any non-heated style windows. A big plus when you have to leave to get to work in the morning.

I’ve never had heated windows and have always scraped my windows with my scraper… I have to admit… I scratched them more than I wanted to do. If the mirrors are iced then is the heat side of things going to make it easier for me to take off the ice? Will it reduce my tendency to scratch my windows?

We can say, reasonably, that you will find the heated window feature a plus for your Sprinter or van style vehicle. It will save you time because you will have to spend less time scraping. It will save you from scratching your windows because the ice will be closer to a liquid state and much easier to remove than ever before.

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