Sprinter Van Power Heater Mirror Driver W/ Turn Signal Lamp 9068106016


Compatible with the following models:

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OEM Code : 9068106016

What is the OEM code for this particular product? I’d like to know if I’m getting the correct one for my vehicle.

The OEM code for this power heater mirror for the drive side is 9068106016.

Which side of the vehicle does this thing fit?

It fits the driver side of the vehicle.

Does it fit the 2500 or 3500 Sprinter van?

It actually fits both the 2500 and 3500 versions of the Sprinter van.

Ok, well, what versions of the Sprinter does it fit then?

It will fit the following models and types of the Sprinter:

  • MERCEDES SPRINTER 2007 – current time
  • FREIGHTLINER SPRINTER 2007 – current time
  • DODGE SPRINTER 2007-2009
  • Volkswagen Crafter 2006 – current time

Can you tell me what this thing is again?

It is a power mirror for the left or driver side of a Sprinter van. It includes a signal lamp. It also is heated.

What are the equivalent part numbers from Mercedes?

The equivalent parts and their associated part numbers from Mercedes are as follows: A9068106016, 9068106016, A9068104816, and 9068104816.

What about those of us with a Dodge version, there has to be equivalent parts too, right?

The Dodge part numbers which are equivalent to this part are as follows: 68009983A, 68009995AA, 68009998AA, 68009999AA, 68010001AA, 68096030AA, 68096034AA.

What are the vehicle groups that this part will fit?

The associated vehicle groups are SPRT 209, CDI 213, and CDI 315.

Wait… Do I get lane assist with this mirror too?

Unfortunately, you do not get lane assist with this product.

Do you have general instructions on how to install this item?

We do in fact. You can look at the instructions below this area. Please note that this assumes you have already removed your older power mirrors.

  1. Connect the product’s electrical connectors
  2. Install the mirror assembly and insert the hook into the hook mount.
  3. Slide mirror down and seat fully.
  4. Install the bolts and tighten to 8 N·m (70 in. lbs.)
  5. Install cover and seat fully.

Assembly Section

  1. Install wire harness
  2. Install the additional turn signal lamp lens and seat fully.
  3. Install the mirror cover
  4. Connect the electrical connector for the turn signal lamp
  5. Install the mirror frame
  6. Install the mirror mount for the aspherical mirror and intermediate disc
  7. Tighten the plastic nut on the aspherical mirror by turning 90 degrees clockwise
  8. Install the bolts for the mirror paneling
  9. Install the mirror up/down and in/out adjustment motor
  10. Install the mirror lens and mirror lens for the aspherical mirror.
  11. Install the mirror, Mirror Installation.


  1. Gently press in the mirror lens at the bottom of the product.
  2. Make sure that you gently pull the mirror lens away from the guidelines by lifting up and out.
  3. Carefully remove any electrical connectors connected to the mirror lens.
  4. Locate and remove the Parktronic LED module on the product.
  5. Press the aspherical mirror lens on the outer side to the stop indicator.
  6. Push out aspherical mirror lens towards the direction of the window.

Disassembling the product.

  1. Remove the mirror from the vehicle.
  2. Remove the mirror lens and also the mirror lens for the aspherical mirror as well.
  3. Take out the motor that controls the up or down movement. Remove the motor that also controls the ability of the mirror to move in or out Remove mirror up/down adjustment motor.
  4. Remove the bolts that were holding in the product from your mirror paneling.
  5. Turning 90 degrees counterclockwise will loosen the plastic nut on the aspherical mirror.
  6. Take the aspherical mirror and intermediate disc and remove your mirror mount.
  7. Remove the mirror frame.
  8. Remember to remove the electrical connector from the turn signal.
  9. Remove the mirror cover.
  10. Unclip additional turn signal lamp lens and remove.
  11. Finally, remove the wiring harness as the final step in the process.


Shipping information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

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