Sprinter Van Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor 6110940048


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What is the Mercedes part number that corresponds to this Air flow meter sensor?

Here is the Mercedes OEM part number that this part would be similar to 6110940048.

What is this thing?

It is an air flow sensor or meter.

I heard this part is similar to a part for a 2000 Mercedes-Benz ML320. Do you know what that part number is?

The part number you are looking for is 0000941248.

Is there also a corresponding part number for a Pierburg part?

Yes. The part number we have for a similar Pierburg part is 7.22684.00.

Doesn’t it also fit into several other parts styles for the A170, C200, C220, and the C270?

Yes. The corresponding numbers are 6110940048 and 722684000.

What is a MAF air flow sensor anyway?

It is a sensor that tells your car or vehicle how much air is entering the engine. Obviously, there is an optimal amount of air that should be entering your engine. The MAF sensor makes sure this happens.

It sounds like I should be extra careful about messing up this air flow sensor… Is that true?

Yes. You can experience problems if you install the air pressure sensor incorrectly.

Is it easy to install?

We were told that it is easy to install which makes it very easy to install the sensor incorrectly. You will not get the right readings which will cause you problems.

So what does this thing do… I mean, I get it watches the air flow and whatever. But, other than that, does it have any other use cases?

Yes. It can help with your engine’s performance. It helps to get enough air into the ECU (engine control unit) which means that you get steady predictable performance from your engine.

What should I keep in mind if I’m going to install this thing?

You should know that you should make sure that the negative terminal is disconnected before installing this item.

Do you have a list of related part numbers from other companies?

Sure. You will find that this part is similar to these parts from other companies:

Bosch: 138987
Bremi: 30053
Vemo: 30720095
Hoffer: 7516027
Meat and Doria: 86027
Delphi AF: 1007212B1
ERA: MF061
Begel: BG09013

What are other part numbers and companies that have similar parts to this one?

There are a few more and they are HUCO 138987 and FISPA 38640.

Mercedes E-Class, C-Class, ML, G-Class Air Mass Sensor MAF

Shipping information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 8 × 6 in