Mercedes Sprinter Van Diesel Vacuum Pump 0002303165


Compatible with the following models:


I’ve got a diesel engine and I’ve heard that these types of engines cannot produce a vacuum. Is that true?

Yes. Diesel engines need a vacuum pump so that their systems can function properly.

Why is this true? Seems like they should be able to do it without an extra part…

Diesel engines do not have throttle plates and that is the reason why they cannot produce the vacuum needed without a vacuum pump. They cannot use a brake booster or the EGR system to help them.

How does this thing fit on my vehicle? I mean. I get it’s a vacuum but it can’t be that strong.

The vacuum pump actually requires bolts. The bolts attach it to the front of the timing case.

Ok, well, then how does it work? What makes this thing go?

The item is driven using a rotor on the front of the injection pump.

It sounds kinda janky. How long do these things last?

They, the pumps, last for years. However, they do wear down over time and do need to be replaced. It should not be a problem for a few years.

How do I know that I should start thinking about replacing this thing? Are there telltale signs?

You will probably notice that some of your systems that need the power of the vacuum are starting to lose functionality. You might also notice that you are starting to hear noises coming from the item. Both of these things individually or together mean that you should consider changing your vacuum pump.

Couldn’t I just wait awhile? I mean it’s just a vacuum. How big of a problem could it really cause?

You do not want to wait to get this item fixed. If your pump fails on you then you could have parts fall into areas where they should not be. For example, your bearings could fall into the timing case which could cause your engine to get damaged and could harm you as well.

Do you have a list of Mercedes vehicles this will work with?







So do you know which years of Sprinters this thing should fit?

The diesel vacuum pump works well in 2002-2006 Sprinter vans.

Do you know some of the part numbers that this thing is similar to?
Yes. Here are some of the part numbers:













Pierburg: W0133-1599116

Pierburg: H72040121

Pierburg: 98056

Pierburg: 0002303065

Hella: 720607740

Hella: 7.20607.74.0

Pierburg: W01331599116

Are there other Mercedes vehicles that this part will fit?

Yes. Here are more of the vehicles from Mercedes that will work with this vacuum pump:

MY84-89 – 190D

MY87-87 – 190DT

MY90-93 – 300D    For models with engine serial number from 12-016513.

MY87-87 – 300DT