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Freightliner Truck Turbo

Please Note: There is a $450 Core Charge. We will not charge you initially for this core, but by buying this item you agree to send us your core within 30 days of receiving this turbo or $450 will be charged to your card. By purchasing this item you give us permission to do so.

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High-End Quality Freightliner Truck Turbo

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What does a turbocharger do anyway? I hear about them frequently but I am ashamed to admit I have no idea what they do.

A turbocharger allows the engine to burn more fuel. It does this by allowing compressed air into the mix in this case.

What are the major components of a turbocharger?

A turbine and a compressor.

Wait, a turbine? How does that work?

The gases from the exhaust push the turbine. The turbine is connected to a shaft which connects to the compressor. The compressor has blades that compress the air. The compressed air is then passed to the combustion chamber.

My current turbocharger feels laggy… Why?

It feels laggy likely because the turbocharger is faulty or beginning to become faulty.

Wait, wouldn’t there be a lag anyway because of the time between compressing the air then and passing that air into the chamber?

You are correct. There can be some lag. However, there are some vehicles that have two turbochargers of differing sizes that allows the smaller one to push air into the combustion chamber faster than the larger one which removes the feeling of lag that some people get.

So… This will reduce my fuel efficiency then, right? I’m using more fuel quicker if I’m not mistaken.

Actually, in most cases, a turbocharger helps reduce your overall fuel bill. It is especially true if you have a vehicle that has to do a lot of work. The extra available power has an effect on how much fuel you use while moving cargo.

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